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Saturday, Feb 4, 2023
B1-8/G1-8 All Stars Games and Skills Challenges: 

Boys and Girls Grade 1-8 Divisions participate in All Stars games or Skills Challenges

Location: HMS Gym 1

8:30am G1-2-3 Skills Challenge
9:45am B1-2 All Stars Game
11:00am B3-4 All Stars Game
12:15pm G4-5 All Stars Game
1:30pm B5-6 All Stars Game
2:45pm G6-7-8 All Stars Game
4:00pm B7-8 All Stars Game
5:15pm Coaches Game
Wednesday, Feb 15, 2023
Armstrong ES Gym Closed: 
Sunday, Feb 19, 2023
B9-10 and B11-12 Playoff Games Begin: 

HHS Gym 1

12:15pm B11-12 Rnd1
1:30pm B11-12 Rnd1
2:45pm B11-12 Rnd2
4:00pm B11-12 Rnd2


HHS Gym 2

12:15pm B9-10 Rnd1
1:30pm B9-10 Rnd1



Sunday, Feb 26, 2023
B9-10 and B11-12 Championship Games: 

HHS Gym 1

12:15pm B9-10 Championship
1:30pm B11-12 Championship
Tuesday, Feb 28, 2023
HMS Gyms Closed: 
Saturday, Mar 4, 2023
B1-8/G1-5 Playoff Games Begin: 


9:45am B1-2 Rnd1
11:00am B1-2 Rnd1
12:15pm B1-2 Rnd1
1:30pm B3-4 Rnd1
2:45pm B3-4 Rnd1
4:00pm B3-4 Rnd1


HMS Gym 1

9:45am G1-2-3 Rnd1
11:00am B5-6 Rnd1
12:15pm B5-6 Rnd1
1:30pm G4-5 Rnd1
2:45pm B7-8 Rnd1



Sunday, Mar 5, 2023
B1-8/G1-8 Playoff Games: 

Herndon HIGH School - Gym 1

11:00am B5-6 Rnd2
12:15pm B5-6 Rnd2
1:30pm G4-5 Rnd2
2:45pm G4-5 Rnd2
4:00pm G6-7-8 Reg Game
5:15pm B7-8 Rnd2
6:30pm B7-8 Rnd2


Herndon HIGH School - Gym 2

11:00am B1-2 Rnd2
12:15pm B1-2 Rnd2
1:30pm B3-4 Rnd2
2:45pm B3-4 Rnd2
Sunday, Mar 12, 2023
B1-8/G1-8 Championship Games: 

Herndon HIGH School Gym 1

11:00am G1-2-3 Championship
12:15pm B1-2 Championship
1:30pm B3-4 Championship
2:45pm G4-5 Championship
4:00pm B5-6 Championship
5:15pm G6-7-8 Championship
6:30pm B7-8 Championship